The Hey Buster Happy Birthday Show


Yes, we would love to bring live music to your birthday party.


We offer a Hey Buster show full of the same songs, props, sing-along-songs, interaction and gags as our regular

show.   In addition, every party goer goes home with a Hey Buster CD for their loot bag and we play our song:

Happy, Happy Birthday followed by Happy Birthday to You (of course). 

The show is best for ages 3-7 birthday parties, but also work as a family, neighbourhood or office party event if you choose option #3 and hire the entire band.

Option #1   Solo Show.   $150. ( 30-40min)


Sherwood sings a solo acoustic act. Good for small parties up to 10 children. Includes a Hey Buster CD for all the party goers.  Show benefits  from a parent helping out in some of the gags.


Option #2   Duo Show   $250 ( 45- 50 min)


Tom joins Sherwood for added singing, bass playing, percussion, gags and general fun.

Includes a Hey Buster CD for the loot bags.  We  bring a small PA  for parties up to 25 children and their adults. 


Option #2  Neighbourhood Party Package $500 ( 2 - 2 1/2hrs)


Planning a block party? Invite the cousins. rock the office!


The whole band: bass, drums, electric guitar will perform at your party.   We will bring a PA  prepared to play for 30 to 150 people at your back yard or in your living room, hall or office.


The show consists of a set of Hey Buster songs and gags for the kids, followed by a set of a set of Honky-Tonk classics . 


It is formula for family fun that we discovered playing Sunday afternoon shows at our old favourite haunt, the Elmdale Tavern.  Mix some Bing Bang Bong, Lice Twice, Blue Cups with Mere Haggard, Hank Williams, Elvis and you get guaranteed family fun.



All prices are for Ottawa Region.  Please contact us at heybustersherwood@gmail for rates outside of the Ottawa region. 

Hey Buster in Hats

Sherwood  Solo Show   $150 (30-40min)

Tom and Sherwood  

Duo Show   $200 (45- 50 min)

Party in the park

Hey Buster on the porch

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